Pan_Am_Boeing_747_at_Zurich_AirportA Boeing 747 pulls up behind a C-5 Galaxy. The 747 calls the C-5 and asks “what are you guys grossing today.”

In a somewhat cocky tone the C-5 crew says “50 to a 100 thousand pound more than you. What are you guys grossing today.”

After a slight pause the 747 comes back and says, “oh about 50 to a 100 thousand dollars more
than you.”


  1. I would have to say it makes them even. 747’s are more about money, but C-5’s are more about convenience, at least in my opinion…

  2. C-5’s hauling the tools and necessities our troops “on the ground” need. It’s hauling freedom. 747’s just makin’ a buck for it’s shareholders.

    No Freedom…No shareholders

  3. No shareholders paying taxes, no hauling freedom either. So IMHO it is not about the one OR the other but the one AND the other.

  4. Agree with seiche. “Freedom” and “Democracy”, Ha!
    I am sure he eats freedom fries. And swallows all the crap from Fox “news”…
    And, of course, “Let’s make America great again”.

  5. And the shareholders that profit from the war with tax payer money? You are the shareholder of the C5A, but no profit for ya, just more taxes, dumbass investor…


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