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  1. The thing is, what they’re seeing isn’t the contrails; they see an optical illusion from the image of the plane burned into the retina, like that trick where you stare at a negative image of the US flag for a few seconds and then at a white surface to see the flag the right colors. Since the aircraft is moving, if you stare at it, it will have a trailing afterimage that appears as a green or yellow film coming off the aircraft as you try and track it with your eyes.

  2. My dad was in the Air Force. He said in this day and age, most every adult has a camera cell phone in their pocket. And since we live in an era of posting pics from what we ate for supper to who we saw at Walmart, pictures of these so called chemtrail factories, chemical containers, transport vehicles, installation shots, loaded plane belly , etc would be common place and available IF they existed.

  3. learn about chemtrails and you will learn that this contrail story is a hoax…this is solar radiation management, an attempt to slow global warming with an industrial solution– probably coal ash…and thereby continue to keep the hammer down on industry.


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