1. X-35 to F-35

Design iterations of Lockheed Martin’s X-35
X-35 to F-35

Very early concept being designed under the ASTOVL (Advanced Short Take Off and Landing) program.
Very early design for what would become the X-35

The original subscale test model for the X-35 that shows a very different design from what the aircraft would eventually become. Model was built for the ASTOVL, SSF (STOVL Strike Fighter), and CALF (Common Affordable Lightweight Fighter) programs.
Original test vehicle

X-35 on a NASA test stand. Here it is at Ames Research Center demonstrating the feasibility of its lift fan system for the USMC and USAF.

X-35 on a NASA test stand
X-35 Ames Research Center

Lockheed’s design which was submitted for the JAST (Joint Advanced Strike Technology) program. Design is similar to the final product and was carried over when JAST merged with CALF and became the Joint Strike Fighter program.
A few improvements to the design
Joint Advanced Strike Technology
F-35C concept for JAST
British “Super Harrier” concept illustrating a possible supersonic variant of the Harrier. This design would heavily influence the future X-35.



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