Friday, April 28, 2017
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Great ATC Quotes Part II

Tower: Have you got enough fuel or not? Pilot: Yes. Tower: Yes what?? Pilot: Yes, SIR! Pilot: Tower, please call me a fuel truck. Tower: Roger. You are...

Chuck Norris Pilot Jokes

Chuck Norris Chuck Norris doesn't request clearances, he states intentions. Chuck Norris is the only person ever to land on runway 37. Hijackers squawk 7500 when Chuck...

Very nervous passengers and two special pilots

Airplane passengers watch nervously as two men wearing pilots’ uniforms and dark glasses use canes to feel their way into the cockpit. The plane...

Deer On The Runway

CFI and his Student are holding on the runway for departing cross traffic when suddenly a deer runs out of the nearby woods, stops...
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