Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Real Mechanics – Modern Version

A real mechanic - the old days

For Helicopters ONLY!

This picture was taken in Iceland. The sign says, for helicopters only, and according to the sign airplanes will be towed away presumably at...

Murphy’s Laws of War for Helicopters

* Helicopter tail rotors are naturally drawn toward trees, stumps, rocks, etc. While it may be possible to ward off this event some of the...

No Parking Signs

Highly dangerous and bizzare situation

You are flying in a helicopter at a constant speed. On your left side is a valley and on your right side is a...

Tower to a female helicopter pilot

Tower is talking to a female helicopter pilot... "What's your altitude?" "1000 feet" "What's your heading?" "175" "What's your speed?" "150 knots" "What's your bra size?" "36B........AAAHHHHH DAMMMNN"

Chuck Norris Pilot Jokes

Chuck Norris Chuck Norris doesn't request clearances, he states intentions. Chuck Norris is the only person ever to land on runway 37. Hijackers squawk 7500 when Chuck...