Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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I guess they were so amazed by the plane that they...

A plane overtaking a plane from a plane!

Amazing shot from the cockpit of a B777 at 33000. A B747 at 35000 ft overtaking a B737 at 37000 ft.

Boeing 747-400 MEGA SPLASH during thrust reverse

In St. Maarten is never too low…until the plane hits you.

Car vs Boeing 747 Engines

Richard answers that everyday question - can a car survive the thrust of a Boeing 747's engines? A Citreon 2CV and a Ford Mondeo...

London HEATHROW Approach Time-Lapse

The brakes on a Boeing 747-8 glow red hot after a...

Top 10 Interesting Ways To Reuse And Repurpose Old Airplanes

What happens to the passenger planes that have been retired or scrapped? Well, it seems you can do all sorts of strange things with...