Saturday, October 21, 2017
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The World’s Greatest Aviation “Shut Up And Take My Money” Ideas...

#14 Top Gun? More like Top Fun #13 Cheap Helicopter Moving Solution #12 #11 #10 Lego enthusiast builds Airbus A380 with 35,000 bricks #9 Cowling Bed via MotoArt #8 Buying...

Blue Angels are petty sneaky

Blue Angels high-rise flyby in Chicago

Planes Gone Wild Part 1

1. Gettin' Steamy 2. When he kisses you so passionately it lifts you off your feet 3. Dat ass tho 4. She was feeling it... 5. On my...

Probably the best example of the Blue Angels sneak pass

Blue Angels get caught in Thunderbirds wake turbulence

Reporter Passes Out During Official Blue Angels Ride

When she passed out, the pilot had the best opportunity to go "Talk to me Goose!"

This Is The Best Sneak Pass Of Them All !!!

Piece of advice, turn down the volume a bit.