Thursday, June 21, 2018
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What do you mean there’s a plane landing?

That steep power climb and turn were highly impressive, never seen the A400 do that before. The pilot was flying it like a fighter...

Very Cool – Airbus A380 Arctic Takeoff

It sounds like the Millenium Falcon taking off

Airbus A380 strong crosswind landing at Düsseldorf filmed from inside

Unbelieveable Airbus A380 Hard Crosswind Landing

Must have been a crazy experience for those at the rear of the plane...from side to side like that.

I’m sitting here applauding the guys that pulled this off

Whales do make quite the splash when they jump from the...

MD-11 wins the beauty contest… A380 wins the “holy c%^p that...

This should be the normal way to get out of the...

2:41 I just can't stop laughing