1. The spitfire would cream the Tie Fighter – it corners at 7g and from Star wars we can see an X-Wing only corners at about 3g.

    George Lucas based the approach scenes to the death star on the film 633 squadron with the flying based on second world war fighter bombers (Mosquitoes to be precise).

  2. tie fighters winning though… can you not see the port wing of the spit clipped off? and it looks like the spit is trying to run from its pursuer. :/ Tie fighters’ ancient though… it came from a galaxy far far away, long long ago.

  3. Actually Samuel, the starboard wing is also clipped because this is a later model of the Spitfire which was built with clipped wingtips. Also, I’m curious if this has anything to do with a Lucas Arts game, “Secret Weapons Over Normandy”, which had famous WWII aircraft (including the Spitfire) and oddities (including the Tie Fighter).


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