Cat one approach


  1. I wonder if people know the history behind this picture:
    It was January 1st 2014 or 2015 ( I don’t remember excactly) at Chihuahua intl airport (CUU/MMCU) in Mexico. Chihuahua airport is located at a desertic and somewhat unpopulated area, this Aeromexico Connect ERJ 145 spend the cold night unmonitored at the airport and this wild cat (not a domestic cat) managed to get inside the cockpit looking for a warm place or maybe attracted by the smell of food or something, he kept hidden behind the first officer rudder pedals until the next morning when the aircraft departed, at some point during the initial climb he was scared and got out of the pedals attacking both pilots, jumping all around the cockpit he was able to move backwards one of the thrust levers causing a potential dangerous situation on board, when the pilots managed to push forward the thrust lever combined with the emergency descent back to the airport the pressurization of the aircraft harmed the cat’s ears leaving him in the submissive position that you see, the Captain took this picture. Anytime they tried to manipulate any switch or button close to the cat, he grunted and tried to scratch them, but appart of that they were able to land safely. Pilots were taken to the hospital with only minor injuries and scratches and were treated against rabies. I saw a picture of the captain’s watch, the cat was almost able to cut through the metal wrist.
    My brother was First officer of Aeromexico Connect an that’s how I knew about the event.


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