Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767-300ER (Registration – ET-AQW) taking off after an emergency landing at the Arusha Airport in Tanzania with an Elevation of 4,551 Feet (1,387 Meters). Runway is only 1,631 Meters long.


  1. NOT an emergency but a major screw up when the 2 pilots confused Arusha for Kilimanjaro airport, 27 miles away. Other pilots took off using 1000 meters with less than 10000 lt.

  2. I bet they made the this 767 as empty as possible (exact amount amount of fuel required for short hop from here to the nearest, most suitable airport), did a “standing takeoff” using TOGA power and pulled the yoke back well before even reaching “V1” so as to exploit its adhoc “unstick” speed.


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