The story goes that Air Force One was over the UK a few years ago and called up a USAF base
“Requesting Radar”.

“What is you position?” asked ATC

“You got radar you find us” Air Force One replied.

After a few minutes ATC announced “Air Force One we’re changing frequency”

“What frequency are you changing to?” asked Air Force One

“You’ve got 720 channels – you find us!” ATC replied.


  1. That must have been some tuned-up-power radio equipment, if the VHF transmission was clearly heard in the US from the UK..

    also, I would assume, when AF1 is flying, the whole freaking airspace becomes prohibited.. should be easy enough to identify the only plane in the area 🙂

    • There are several USAF bases in the UK with radar and radio facilities. There’s also a remote radio station of Andrews AFB there.

  2. I worked on that bird- there’s no way they would be unprofessional on the radio- ever. AF1 is not ONE plane. The VC137 pictured was one of several, replaced by two 747’s. AF1 is the call sign of any plane upon which the president flies.